Relaxing at Zogeria Beach

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Spetsathlon 2015: An Amazing Weekend in Spetses

Sharing a few of the many wonderful Spetsathlon moments we all had the pleasure to live in Spetses during 24-26 April 2015

Spetsathlon 2015 Swim Race 1kmSpetsathlon2015_AlexandrisHotel Spetsathlon 2015 Swim race 1km Spetsathlon 2015 Swim Race 1km Spetsathlon 2015 Swim Race 1km Spetsathlon2015_AlexandrisHotel Spetsathlon2015_AlexandrisHotel   12IMG_251411IMG_2513  14IMG_253513IMG_254916IMG_255716IMG_256315IMG_2565 18sunset_spetses 19IMG_2613 20IMG_2669 21IMG_2695  26IMG_2811 24IMG_2746Nikos Papangelis at Spetsathlon 201529DSCN3776 30DSCN3782 31DSCN3799 32DSCN3742 33IMG_2731 34IMG_2797 35DSCN3806

for more information about the event, visit Spetsathlon’s official website

Spetses mini Marathon 2014, Cine Trailer

Δείτε το video που προβλήθηκε στη χθεσινή συνέντευξη Τύπου του Spetses mini Marathon και απέσπασε τα καλύτερα σχόλια…! Watch the official preview video of the SMM 2014: